Where to go? Good food in MCR

I don’t know if you’re anything like I was in first year but I had no clue where to go out and eat. I like to consider myself quite the foodie so I ventured out and tried places; from restaurants to fast food and dessert bars, Manchester has it all.

I’ve discovered quite a few places to go in my three years here, some are cliche student hot spots but not all know about them.

Almost Famous

This fab place just had to go at the top, if you love burgers you will LOVE this place. Think of a burger and add anything you can imagine to it and you’ll probably find it on their menu.

They’ve got two restaurants, one in the Great Northern near Deansgate and one in Northern Quarter.


Around £10/12 mark for a burger, you can pay anything from £3/5 for some chips so it’s not the cheapest but it’s definitely worth a try.

Check out their website here


An obvious student choice here but I had never had Dominos before coming to uni, so this was really a uni discovery for me.

Although many students seem to love and worship Dominos, they do not reciprocate them feelings back to students with their hefty £17 pizzas. I honestly think people just pay the prices for the dip, if you’ve never tried their garlic and herb dip you have not lived (a bit dramatic I know but it truly is life-changing).


If you’re lucky enough you discovered in freshers week that they give away free pizzas and £1 pizzas, they run this offer for around four days every freshers week, so make sure you get your hands on one of them! It’s around £14/18 for a pizza, they do deals if you’re getting a few pizzas so join together with your housemates and buy some, you won’t regret it.

Check out their website here

Ice Stone Gelato

If you’re at uni and go to MMU you’re in for a treat. Opposite All Saints park, you have the dessert bar of dreams.

If you’re wanting Nutella smothered crepes or white chocolate chip cookie dough then you’re in luck at this place, I have to admit, I have been here many more times than I should have but it is just TOO good. The prices aren’t the worst either, so that late night craving won’t break the bank.


You’ll pay around £5 average for a desert here, some are cheaper and some are a tad more expensive but it depends on how extravagant you’re going with your choice of dessert.

Check out their website here


A fairly new discovery, but if you’re missing your mums’ roasts (I know I definitely am) then you need a quick Sunday roast fix.

After searching online for somewhere cheap-ish to get a roast I stumbled across this place, just opposite Selfridges and the Arndale. For a reasonable price, you get either beef or chicken, a good old Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes then a choice of 2 veg dishes; cauliflower cheese, seasonal greens, spiced red cabbage or carrot and swede mash.


For a chicken roast, it was £11.50 and a beef roast was £11.95, a bargain if you ask me! There were mounds of beef on the plate and the Yorkshire was huge!

Check out their website here

Teacup Kitchen

A quaint little cafe situated in Northern Quarter, the Teacup Kitchen offers brunch, sandwiches but best of all AMAZING cakes…If you do end up going here you have to try the flourless chocolate cake, thinking about it now makes me want it. If you’re looking for somewhere to sit and chat with friends and get food then this is a great place. They cater for Coeliacs, Vegetarians, Vegans and other intolerances so if you come under any of those categories, I recommend trying out this place.


Main courses vary from £4.50/9.50 and cakes are around £5.

Check out their website here


Not a place I necessarily go to for food (although the food is great here and reasonably priced) but the £2 cocktails, YES £2.

Font is somewhere I think every student becomes familiar with in their time in Manchester. Word spreads in the first two weeks that there is a cocktail bar that sells cocktails for dirt cheap and next thing you know it’s packed every night.

If you are at uni in Manchester, or even visiting a friend here then you need to try this place out.


£2 for cocktails, although there is some that are more expensive, I don’t know anyone who pays for them! Food is around £8/9 for a meal.

Check out their website here

Author: Georgia Landi

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